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"Atheism" #1 viewed entry on Conservapedia

19 08 09 - 19:12 There is a wiki site called "Conservapedia", thats been around for a few years now. While looking at the site for the first time today, I was appalled at the information that it contained and disturbing agenda it was obviously pushing. On its About Page, it states "We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here". It also states it is "a way to educate advanced, college-bound homeschoolers". I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, considering it is called "Conservapedia", but I was atleast expecting a reasonable portrayal of rational ideas.

Well, guess what the Top Viewed article on the site is...? It is an article on Atheism.

Conservapedia Most Viewed Pages

The whole article is a smear campaign on Atheism. Some sections of the article have titles like: "Creation Scientists tend to win creation-evolution debates", "Decline of Atheism as an Intellectual Position", and "Atheism and Deception".

The Atheism article contains the following quote on Evolution: "Defenders of Darwin's theory of evolution typically proclaim that evidence for their theory is simply overwhelming. If they really believe that, you would think they would jump at a chance to publicly explain some of that overwhelming evidence to the public. Apparently not."

Atheism entry on Conservapedia

They even take a stab at Wikipedia. On the Wikipedia page on Conservapedia, the first sentence states that "Wikipedia is a self-described online encyclopedia project founded by entrepreneur and atheist Jimmy Wales ..." and it is "usually edited by unemployed liberal community college dropouts". The next sentence also contains slander on Wikipedia with the following quote: "is not only a provider of inaccuracy and bias. It is wholesale purveyor of lies and slander unlike any other the world has ever known". I would argue that Conservapedia is the wholesale purveyor of lies and slander unlike any other the world has ever known.

Wikipedia entry on Conservapedia

So, some might say "Who cares about some nut job website?", and I would tend to agree with that, except that they claim to have had over 80,000,000 views. Obviously someone is reading the site and most likely taking it as fact, and that's what bothers me.
three comments

I would argue that religion is truly the wholesale purveyor of lies and slander unlike any other the world has ever known.
Deja - 18 08 10 - 17:23

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