This blog was created for all of us atheists that are afraid to announce to the world, that we do not believe in a god.

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South Bend, Atheist Ads

Saturday 13 June 2009 at 4:15 pm Check out Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign. They are running Atheist ads now in South Bend, Indiana!

Hey everyone! Our ads in South Bend are now up! After a delay that was surrounded with much controversy, South Bend, Indiana residents will finally see this message on transit buses as part of the most recent advertising push by the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign.

Originally, the ads were scheduled to coincide with President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony, but but were held up when the South Bend bus company, Transpo, claimed that the ad needed approval by a special board meeting. At their meeting, which took place after President Obama and the national press had left South Bend, the board acknowledged that Transpo had posted ads on buses from religious organizations in the past and thus they had no legal grounds to deny the atheist ads.

The ads are now on 20 of Transpo’s 48 buses, and they will remain posted for the next several weeks.

Atheist Ads Indiana Bus Ads